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Transform Yoga Om More

Contact: Nancy Sena

435 Hollywood Ave, Unit 7
Fairfield NJ 07004
Class Schedule

9:00 am        Yogalates
7:00 pm        Yogalates

5:30 pm        Yogalates
7:00 pm        Open yoga

9:00 am        Yogalates
7:00 pm        Open yoga

5:30 pm        Yogalates
7:00 pm        Open yoga

9:00 am        Yogalates

8:00 am        Yogalates
9:30 am        Open yoga
11:00 am      Gentle yoga

Studio closed
Welcome to Transform Yoga
  1. Managing Director
At Transform Yoga, it is our mission is to enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each individual through the practice of yoga. We strive to achieve alignment, strength, flexibility, playfulness, relaxation, and mindfulness to help students have a transformational experience. We believe it is our obligation and privilege to contribute to the well being of all who want to be 'transformed' as we integrate alignment, breathwork and lightheartedness in all we do.

Transform Yoga is proud to announce that December 2019 marks the ten year anniversary since opening our doors to all yogis and yoginis. It has always been our intention to offer a welcoming space where students can learn in a fun, but motivated atmosphere. Providing individual attention keeps the connection to students and hopefully helps to strengthen the mind-body connection. 

Thank you for allowing us to share my love for yoga and helping to make Transform Yoga Om More a success!
Nancy Sena, owner and dedicated instructor